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Unique Lightbox Designs

Backlit Advertising Lightboxes

Lightbox Profiles & Kits

For large format visual displays solutions, using SEG (silicon edge graphics) or backlit acrylic sheets, we offer sleek aluminum lightbox profile designs, hardware and accessories.

Whether you're going to use our ToroMesh® LED lighting system or your own lighting system, our profiles can easily be retrofited with your own edgelit or backlit lighting system.

Custom Designs & Colors

We love big projects! Custom aluminum profile design, custom hardware, custom lighting solutions and color treatments. We can help you design the right solution for your backlit signage needs.

Call us today to let us know how we can help you make something big and beautiful.

Backlit Media Fabrics

Backlit Fabrics

Image Is Everything!

Our backlit media fabrics for indoor and outdoor use offer stable ink absorption, high color expressive force and high tenacity.

Our custmers expect nothing less than the best for their customers and that is why high quality fabrics at the best prices is what we stand by.

Large Format Printing

Our backlit fabric rolls come in 4 widths for large format printers. We are able to provide custom widths for high volume orders.

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Modular LED Lighting System

Versatile, modular LED lighting system.

We redesigned the way modular LED lighting systems should be. Our patented architactural and signage lighting solution is like no other system out there. With ToroMesh®, your limitted only by your immagination.

With ToroMesh®, cutting and an assembling to create unique configurations for your lighting projects is easy and fast. Lattice systems for framed applications can be accomplished in minutes. Lighting up channel lettering has never been easier and faster. ToroMesh® has covered all the angles, literally!

Low voltage, low wattage, high lumens. Brighten up or color your projects with ToroMesh® LED lighting system.

Custom LED Modules & Connectors

For large projects that require specific lumen output or color temperature, we can make ajustment in our production to meet your specific needs.

With our unique modular LED lighting system, we can increase current flow per module to create larger mesh segments, creating an even light distribution and eliminating the hasle of using multiple power sources.

We can customimize the length of connectors to increase or decrease the lumens per square foot while keeping individual module lumens the same.

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Custom Software Development

Improve The Way You Work

Software & Process Analysis

We build web applications and desktop applications tailored to your business' needs and will go beyound your expectations.

We are constantly trying to push the boundaries of what latest cloud technologies are capable of doing for your business.

We work closely with our clients to expand their ability to bring their projects to reality and help them achieve automation in thier daily tasks.

  • Responsive Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Custom CRMs & Point of Sale
  • Accounting Software
  • Engineering Software
  • Enterprise Resource Planing
  • and more...

Automate your business processes and stop limiting your success with Levicom proffessional software developement and IT services.