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Unique Lightbox Designs

Lightbox Frames & Hardware

Lightbox Profiles & Kits

For large format visual display solutions, using SEG (silicon edge graphics) or backlit acrylic sheets, we design and manufacture sleek aluminum lightbox profiles, all necessary hardware and accessories.

Whether you're going to use our ToroMesh® LED lighting system or your own lighting system, our profiles can easily be retrofited with any edgelit or backlit lighting system.

Custom Designs & Colors

We love big projects! Custom aluminum profile design, custom hardware, custom lighting solutions and color treatments. We can help you design the right solution for your backlit signage needs.

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Backlit Media Fabric & Films

Backlit Fabrics

Soft Backlit Media Fabric

Our backlit media fabrics for indoor and outdoor offer stable ink absorption, high color expressive force and high tenacity.

Most of our fabric rolls are available in 4 widths for large format printers. We are able to provide custom widths for high volume orders.

Our custmers expect nothing less than the best for their customers and that is why high quality fabrics at the best prices is what we stand by.

Backlit Media Films

Our 150GSM backlit film is made of a high quality PET substrate. It is specially designed for high light transmittancy, great printing performance, very strong tension strength and peeling resistant. A perfect choice for lightbox advertising.

Our R&D into the perfect ceiling films ideal for both ceiling applications and lightboxes offer excellent light diffusion and can be used with Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex inks.

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Modular LED Lighting System

Unique & Versatile LED Lighting Solution

One product for many application. We redesigned the way modular LED lighting systems should be. Our patented architectural and signage LED lighting solution is like no other system out there. With ToroMesh®, you're limited only by your imagination.

With ToroMesh®, cutting and assembling to create unique configurations for your lighting projects is easy and fast. Lattice systems for framed applications can be accomplished in minutes. Lighting up channel lettering has never been easier and faster. ToroMesh® has covered all the angles, literally!

Low voltage, low wattage, high lumens. Brighten up or color your projects with ToroMesh® LED lighting system.

Call us today to let us know how we can help you make something big and beautiful.

Metal Fabrication & Welding

Design, Build & Deliver

Custom Metal Fabrication

When your ideas and designs require custom metal fabrication for lighting structures, artwork, signage or display systems, Levicom can build and deliver.

With years of experience working with all types of metals, from aluminum to gold, steel, and titanium, we will develop on your ideas and create cost-effective solutions with structural integrity a priority.

We work closely with our customers at all stages of their projects and can help at design, material, and color selection.

As lighting is our specialty, combining backlit materials with metal structures to create beautiful works of art is our passion.

ToroMesh® LED Strips

ToroTile® LED Tiles

ToroBeam® LED Beams

Custom Light Panels

germicidal UVC LEDs

ViroBeam® UVC LED