Waterproof, UL® Listed, 7 Year Warranty!

UL listed LED power driver

Ultra Slim UL® Listed LED Drivers

Our ultra slim, Class2, IP67 line of LED drivers offer our customers the ideal solution to save space for any project.

  • Indoor/Outoor LED lighting, LED Tube lighting system
  • LED urban decoration,LED lighting advertising
  • LED display, safety protection apparatus
  • Telecommunications, networks
  • Vehicle lights,controller panels

UL listed LED power driver

Multi-Output Class 2 LED Dirvers

We gave our customers an alternative solution for Class 2 LED drivers with our multi-output, IP67, UL® listed LED drivers.

One driver with multiple outputs driving evenly distributed current at a constant voltage. These LED drivers will save you time and money.

UL listed LED power driver

Extreme Power LED Drivers

When power is required to light up a heavy load or drive power to multiple systems, our Extreme Power line of UL® listed LED drivers are built to last, reliable and we stand by our 7 year warranty.

When qualtity and the highest standards matter, Levicom's LED power drivers are what you should be using and nothing less.